Trust Board Meeting 12.06.19


Item 3. Good SAM App Presentation

Item 4i. Year 2 Corporate Plan Year End Update 2018/19 DRAFT

Item 4ii.  TB Update Suppary of Capital Funding 2018/19

Item 4iii. TB Transformation Summary Update 05.06.19

Item 5a. Template for HIA Report 18/19

Item 5b. SHSCT HIA Annual Report 18/19 Final

Item 6a. Template for losss TB 12th June 2019

Item 6b. Copy of Appendix 1 Scedule of Losses YE 31.03.19

Item 7b. What are the Accounts Year Ending 31.03.19 Telling us?

Item 8. SHSCT RTTCWG 2018-19 V1002

Item 8a. Template for RTTCWG 1819

Item 9ia. TBSummary Page Performance Report TB V2.0 Final Updated

Item 9ib. Performance Year End 2018/19 V7.0 Final Updated

Item 9ii. HROD Trust Board Report June 19 Final

Item 10a. BAF Summary Report Template to TB 12.06.19

Item 10b. BAF to Trust Board on 12.06.19

Item 11ia. EDON Template June 2019

Item 11ib. EDON Report Trust Board June 2019 Final

Item 11ii. Medical Directors Report June 19 Medical Education Training Final V5

Item 11iii. HCAI Trust Board Report June 2019 V3

Item 11iv. Exec Dir of SW Report for TB June 19

Item 11va. Board Report template Corporate Parenting Report (June 19)

Item 11vb. Corporate Parenting Report DATA RETURN 10   01.10.18-31.03.19 (2)

Item 11via.  Carers Report Template

Item 11vib. Carers Action Plan Template 03.06.19

Item 12a. Board Template TB 12.06.19

Item 12b. SHSCT Bank Mandate Application Form

Item 13ia. Governance Committee Summary Template

Item 13ib. Governance Committee Approved Minutes 07.02.19

Item 13ic. Governancee Committee Annual Report 2018/19

Item 13iia. EG Committee Template

Item 13iib. Approved EG Minutes 09.05.19

Item 13iic. Annual Report of the EG Committee 2018/19

Item 13iiia. Audit Committee Chair Report for 12th June 2019

Item 13iiib. Approved Audit minutes 09.05.19

Item 13iiic. Annual Report of the Audit Committee 2018-19

Item 14.  Application of Trust Seal