Trust Board Meeting 23.05.19


Item 3a. Chair’s business 23.05.19

Item 3b. Chair and NED Business 28.03.19 to 22.05.19

Item 4. CX Business MAY 2019

Item 5. Approved Trust Board Minutes 28.03.19

Item 6. Matters Arising 28.03.19

Item 7i. CAH New Build Aseptic Unit Presentation 23.05.19 FINAL

Item 8ia. TBSummary Performance (May 19 TB_April Position

Item 8ib. Performance Corporate CPD Scorecard (April for May) Final TB

Item 9ia. EG Committee Template

Item 9ib. Approved EG minutes 28.01.19

Item 9ic. Approved EG minutes 23.01.19

Item 9id. E G Terms of Ref March 19

Item 9ie. EG Committee Work Programme 2019 Final

Item 9iia. Audit Report for May TB form April.May AC Final

Item 9iib. Approved Audit minutes 14.02.19

Item 9iic. Approved Audit minutes 11.04.19

Item 10a. Letter to ALB Chairs and Chief Executives Partnerships between Depts and ALBs

Item 10b. RP3866 Partnerships with ALB’s NI Code of Good Practice

Item 11i. Presentation SDF Trust BD May 19

Item 11ia. Board report template SDF Report May 19

Item 11ib. DSF Report year ending 31st March 2019 (including DATA RETURNS 1,5 and 9)

Item 11ic.  DSF Appendix 1 SHSCT ACTION PLAN for 1st April 2017  31st March 2018

Item 11id. DSF Appendix 2 Annual Report into ROL Panels Operation 01.04.18-31.03.19

Item 11ie. DSF Appendix 3 LASP Report April 2018 March 2019 Final

Item 11if. DSF Appendix 3 Southern Trust Corporate Adult Safeguarding Blueprint Position

Item 11ii.  Unallocated Cases Report for TB May 2019

Item 11iiib. HCAI Trust Board Report May 2019 Final

Item 11iv. Letter DOH RQIA Review of Gov of Outpatients Services Early Findings on Safety