Trust Board Meeting 24.01.19

Agenda 24.04.19

Item 3. LUNG CANCER UPDATED 15.01.19

Item 4a. Chair’s Business 24.01.19

Item 4b. CHAIR AND NED BUSINESS 29.01.18-23.01.19

Item 5. Chief Executives Business 17.01 Jan FINAL

Item 6. Approved Minutes 29.11.18

Item 7a. Matters arising 29.11.18

Item 7bii. Update unscheduled Care Resilience Plan

Item 7biii. Matters Arising Winter Plan 1819

Item 8ia. Community Equipment Service Final

Item 8ib. Community Equipment Service Final Version

Item 8ii. Business Cases above 300k

Item 8iiia. Boardtemplate Trust Procurement Strategy

Item 8iiib. Trust Proc Strategy 2018-2021 FINAL

Item 8iiibi. Report template Annual Procurement Report 17/18

Item 8iiibii. SHSCT Trust Procurement Board Annual Report FINAL 17/18

Item 8iiibiii. SHSCT Customer Report Mar 18 Appendix 1

Item 9i. 20190118 Corporate Dashboard (December for January) V1 C Rafferty- LLappin- L Leeman

Item 9ia. 20190118 TBSummary Performance (December Position) TB Report Final

Item 9iia.  Finance Report Template Dec 2018 Outturn

Item 9iib. Finance Report Dec 2018 Executive Summary

Item 9iic. Finance Report Copy of Dec 2018

Item 9iid. Finance Report Directorate Narratives Mth 9 Dec 2018

Item 9iii. 2019.01.10 HROD Trust Board Report Jan 19 to TRUST BOARD

Item 10a. Board Report template RD Annual Report 20172018

Item 10b. Research Development Annual Report 2017-2018

Item 10c. Research and Development Annual Report 2017-2018

Item 11ia. Governance Committee Summary Template

Item 11ib. Governance Committee Approved minutes 06.09.18

Item 11iia. Report Template PCE Committee

Item 11iib. FINAL Minutes PCEC 20th September 2018

Item 12i. Unallocated Cases Report for TB Jan 2019

Item 12ii. HCAI Trust Board Report Jan 19 Final

Item 12iia. EDON Template January 2019

Item 12iib. EDN Report to Trust Board Jan 19 VO.1(4)

Item 13. Draft Meeting Schedule TB DWS 2019 v2

Item 14. Application of Trust Seals