Trust Board Meeting 24.10.2019

Item 1. Agenda 24.10.19

Item 3. PRESENTATION Trust Board OPAT 24 Oct 19 V2

Item 4a. Chairs business 24.10.19

Item 4b. Chair NED Business 260919_231019

Item 5. CX Business 241019 FINAL

Item 6. Approved minutes 26.09.19

Item 7. Matters Arising 26.09.19

Item 8i. Community Equipment Service  Hybrid Scheme  Final 24 Oct

Item 8iia. Report Template Winter Plan 19_20

Item 8iib. USCResiliencePlanSchematic_Draft_Submission (2)

Item 9a. Letter to ALB AO  Mid Year Assurance Statement 2019_20

Item 9b. IA Mid Year Assurance Statement 1920

Item 9c. Mid-Year Assurance Statement SHSCT signed version 18.10.19

Item 10a. NIAO Letter re. RTCWG

Item 10b. SHSCT Final RTTCWG 2018_19

Item 11i. Medical Director’s Report – Focus on Appraisal and Revalidation final

Item 11ii. HCAI Trust Board Report October 2019

Item 12ia. Report Template Finance Month 6

Item 12ib. Finance Report Sept 2019 Executive Summary final

Item 12ic. Finance Report Copy of Mth 6 Sept 19

Item 12id. Finance Report Directorate Narratives Mth 06 Sept 2019

Item 13ia. Trust Board Cover Summary AQR 2018.19 24.10.2019

Item 13ib. Trust Annual Quality Report 2018_19​

Item 13iia. Report Template Com Dev_Health Improvement Final Oct 19

Item 13iib. Community Dev Annual Report 1819 Final

Item 13iic. Health Improvement Report 1819 Final

Item 13iii. IPC Annual Report 2018_19 final

Item 13iva. EPBC Report Summary Sheet Final

Item 13ivb. EPBC Annual Report 05.19 Final

Item 14ia. PCEC Committee Chair Report to Trust Board Oct 19

Item 14ib. Annual Report of the Patient and Client Experience Committee  2018_19

Item 14ic. Approved Minutes PCEC 130619

Item 14iia. EG Committee Chair Report to Trust Board

Item 14iib. EG Committee Work Programme 2020

Item 14iic. Approved Minutes EG Committee 4.6.19

Item 14iiia. Audit Committee Chair Report to Trust Board 24102019

Item 14iiib. Audit Committee Core Work Programme 2020

Item 14iiic. Approved Minutes Audit 4.6.19

Item 15. Application of Trust Seal