Trust Board Meeting 26.09.19

Agenda 26.09.19

Item 3. Presentation Organ Donation

Item 4ia. Chairs business 26 09 19

Item 4ib. CHAIR AND NED BUSINESS 290819_250919

Item 4ii. Public Apt Mentoring Scheme Note from Judena Leslie (2)

Item 5. CX business 26.09.19 Final

Item 6. Approved minutes 29.8.19

Item 7 Matters Arising 29.8.19

Item 8i. TDP 2019_20 for Trust Board 26 Sep 19

Item 8ii. Trust Board Report 260919 Business Cases above 300K Trust Bd

Item 9a. Section 75 Annual Report_Part 1_Board Template_TB Sept 2019

Item 9b. Section 75 Annual Report_Part 2_Annual Progress Report_TB Sept 2019

Item 9c. S75 Combined Regional EAP and DAP Progress Reports for Year 1_Southern HSC T.._

Item 10ia. Finance Report Month 5 Board Template

Item 10ib. Finance Report Aug 2019 Executive Summary Final

Item 10ic. Finance Report Copy of Mth 5 August 19

Item 10id. Finance Report Appendix G Directorate Narratives Mth 050819

Item 10ii. HROD Trust Board Report_Sep19_FINAL REPORT TO TB

Item 11i. Exec Dir of SW Report for TB Sept 19

Item 11ii. Unallocated Cases Report for TB Sept 2019 (Composite)

Item 11iiia. RQIA Review of Gov OTP Services SHSCT Internal Position Report 23.05.19 (TB0919)

Item 11iiib. RQIA Review Recommendations and Action Plan

Item 11iva. Board Report Template EDON Report

Item 11ivb. EDON Report For TB Sep 2019

Item 11v. Board Report Template Hypo Update Sep19_ TBPaper_V1

Item 12ia. Governance Committee_Summary Template

Item 12ib. Governance Committee_Approved Minutes 21.05.19

Item 13ia. Board Report template  Volunteer Annual Report 2018 2019 (2)

Item 13ib. SHSCT Final Volunteer Annual Report 2018  2019 200919

Item 13iia. Board Report template PPI Annual Report 2018 2019

Item 13iib. Final draft  PPI Annual Report 2018 2019 2nd Sept

Item 14. Application of Trust Seal