Trust Board Meeting 29.08.19

Agenda 29.08.19

Item 3. SHSCT TRUSTBOARD Values Presentation Aug19 FINALupdatedVT

Item 4a. Chairs business 29 08 19

Item 4b. CHAIR AND NED BUSINESS 230519-280819

Item 5. CX business 290819

Item 6a. Approved  minutes 23.5.19

Item 6b. Approved  minutes 12.06.19

Item 7a. Matters Arising 23.05.19

Item 7b. Matters Arising 12.06.19

Item 8i.  Royal College of Psychiatrists Invited Review

Item 9a. Board Report template_Scheme of Delegation _ 29th August 2019 Trust Board

Item 9b. Trust Board Scheme of Delegation to Committees _ 29th August 2019

Item 10ia. Board Report template_Performance Committee draft ToR (1)

Item 10ib. Performance Committee _ Draft ToR to Trust Board 29.8.2019

Item 10iia. PCEC Board Report template

Item 10iib. Summary Report of PCEC held on Thursday 13th June 2019

Item 10iic. PCEC Final Approved Minutes 7th March 2019

Item 10iid. FINAL TOR PCEC approved by PCEC 130619

Item 11ia. 20190823_TB_CorporatePerformanceReportCoversheet_July for August_Final

Item 11ib. 20190823_CorporateCPDScorecard(July for August)_v1.0 Final TB

Item 11ii. 2019.08.13_HROD Trust Board Report_Aug19_FINAL

Item 12i. HCAI Trust Board Report – August 2019 – (graphs updated 08-08-2019) (3)

Item 13i. Functional Support Annual Report 2018-19 FINAL (2)

Item 14a. Board Report template _ Board Governance Self-Assessment 2018_19

Item 14b. Board Governance self assessment 201819

Item 15i. Proposed Schedule of Meetings 2020 Trust Board

Item 15iia. Board Report template Trust Board Annual Work Plan 2020

Item 15iib. Draft Trust Board Annual Work Plan 2020

Item 16. Application of Trust Seal