Trust Board Meeting 30.01.2020

Item 1. Agenda

item 3.1 PRESENTATION Patient Safety CYP Jan 2020

Item 3b CYP Safety and Quality Newsletter September 2010

Item 3c CYP Safety and Quality Report 2018 Final

Item 4a Chairs business 30 01 2020

Item 4b Chair NED Business 24 10 2019_29 01 2020 FINAL

Item 5 CX Business Jan 2020 Final

Item 6 Approved Minutes 24.10.2020

Item 7 Matters Arising 24.10.2019

Item 8ia Performance Committee Chair Report

Item 8ib Performance Committee Minutes 17.10.19

Item 8ic Performance Committee Terms of Reference

Item 8id Performance Committee Work Plan 2020

Item 8iia Governance Committee Chair Report

Item 8iib Governance Committee Minutes 05.09.19

Item 8iic. Governance Committee Work Plan 2020

Item 8iiia PCEC Minutes 19.9.2019

Item 8iiib PCEC Annual Schedule of Reporting 2020

Item 9ia. Estates Annual Report Board Report Template

Item 10iia. Finance Report Month 9 Board Template

Item 10iib. Finance Report Dec 2019 Executive Summary

Item 10iic. Finance Report Copy of Mth 9 Dec 2019

Item 10iid. Finance Report Directorate Narratives Mth 09 Dec 2019

Item 11i. PeopleStrategy-TrustBoard30Jan2020 FINAL

Item 11iia. Report Template Bluestone Dorsy update TB 300120

Item 11iib. Bluestone Action Plan Jan 2020 Update

Item 11iic. NHS Safety Thermometer Bluestone

Item 11iii. TB Report 30012020 Business Cases above 300K

Item 11iv. TB Sustainability Summary Update Final 23012020

Item 12ia. Corporate Parenting Report Template

Item 12ib. Final – Corporate Parenting Report 1.4.19-30.9.19

Item 12iia. Report Template Welfare Reform

Item 12iib. Briefing Paper on Welfare Reform

Item 12iii. Medical Directors Report – January 2020 – final version

Item 12iva. EDON Report TB Template 30.01.2020

Item 12ivb. Executive Director of Nursing Report For TB Jan 2020

Item 12v. Hyponatraemia Report

Item 13ia. Letter LM to ALBs – Partnership Agreement Template – 29 Nov 19 – PDF

Item 13ib. DAO (DoF) 0519 – Partnership Agreement Template

Item 13ic. Partnership Agreement Template – Final version November 2019

Item 13iia. Letter LM to ALB s – DAO (DoF) 06 19  Guidance on Proportionate Autonomy for Arms Length Bodies – 18 December 2019

Item 13iib. DAO (DoF) 06 19 – Proportionate Autonomy for ALBs

Item 13iic. Guidance on Proportionate Autonomy for ALBs – Final version

Item 15a. Boardroom Apprentice 2019 Letter – Host Boards

Item 15b. Boardroom Apprentice Interested in Being a Host Board

Item 15c. Host Board Template – Boardroom Apprentice 2020 Programme

Item 16. Application of Trust Seal