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The Cook it! Team’s key role is to train and support a network of facilitators to deliver evidence based nutrition, weight management and cooking skills programmes across community and HSC settings. This builds capacity within individuals and communities to make healthier choices, supporting their health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

Cook it! is a nutrition programme that has been developed for use in local communities in Northern Ireland. It can be used with a wide range of groups including young/single parents, young people leaving residential care, offenders during rehabilitation programmes, older people in sheltered accommodation and now people from certain black and minority ethnic (BME) groups.

The programme offers hands-on, practical experience of cooking and preparing food, as well as improving knowledge of healthy eating and food safety.

In the latest 2016 manual for facilitators the nutrition information has been updated to reflect new guidelines. A new taster session has been added to allow participants to experience a general nutrition session before committing to the full six-week programme. A new 100-page section has been developed to allow facilitators to tailor the programme to some of the larger BME groups in Northern Ireland. This section has been piloted with local communities and includes recipes from Northern Ireland, recipes from each of seven selected BME groups and resource sheets that have been translated into seven languages.

The new BME section will allow locally-based Cook it! teams and facilitators to respond to the needs of BME groups within their areas. This will help increase social interaction within and between ethnic groups, and help reduce isolation, promote integration and improve health and wellbeing.


What is I Can Cook it? 

I Can Cook it! is an adapted version of Cook it ( 8 weeks) that has been specifically developed to support people with mild to moderate learning disabilities who want to enhance their cooking skills and to support healthier eating choices.


What is goodfood toolkit?    

The goodfood toolkit has been produced to help ensure that local people receive accurate and practical nutrition messages on how to follow a healthy balanced diet. Use of the toolkit and delivery of nutrition education sessions is flexible and can be run as a one off or as a series of up to 9 sessions. The toolkit can also be used as a nutrition reference document for community workers.


What is Food Values?  

Food Values is a 4 week food budgeting programme that aims to support people to make healthier food choices within a limited budget. It therefore compliments other healthy eating initiatives such as the Cook it! Programme.


Healthy Eating Information is available from the following links:

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Healthy Eating:

101 Square Meals

Healthy Eating Made Easy 101 Square Meals is a Safefood recipe book containing easy recipes for every day life. Cook it! facilitators in the Southern Trust have already been trying out these tasty recipes with their groups. The cost of healthy eating is an important issue for us all. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health, and can help you feel your best. CLICK HERE FOR RECIPES


Recipe of the Month

What we eat every day has a significant impact on our health. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health.  The Cook it! Team Dietitians feature healthy recipes each month for Trust Staff to avail of and try out at home. These could be tried and tested healthier recipes from our community nutrition programmes, trusted websites or even recommended by staff. The recipes are featured every month in the trust’s staff newsletter and Staff Health and Wellbeing website.  The recipes below are some of the recipes for 2019.

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