Southern Trust’s Falls Directory

Who is the falls directory for?

The falls directory has been produced for anyone who wants to know more about falls; this includes older people themselves, a concerned relative or friend, a health professional or other individuals from a statutory, voluntary or community based organisation.

Dementia and Falls

About the Falls Directory

This directory contains information that will help you to:


Act now to:


A section aimed at health professionals is available from here a section detailing professional development opportunities linked to falling and bone health can be found here. This directory is maintained by the Promoting Wellbeing Team. For further information Tel: 028 3831 1524.

Southern Trust Falls Clinics (Refer a Patient or Client) or (Self Refer)

Falls prevention clinics are run in Armagh, Dungannon, Lurgan and Newry to help people aged 65 who have fallen or who have a fear of falling. To refer a patient or client to the falls clinic use THIS FORM.

Following an initial assessment to learn more about your falls experiences you will be given additional help to reduce your risk of a fall. If you wish to attend the Falls Clinic for an assessment please ring the Falls Team Coordinator on Tel: 028 3756 4909 for a telephone consultation and your suitability for the clinic will be discussed. To learn more see the FALLS CLINIC FLYER.