Good Lighting In The Home

Good lighting is important in your home in order to prevent falls. The Thomas Pocklington Trust is a leading provider of housing and support services for people with sight loss.

Improved lighting can help to reduce the risk of falls and make everyday tasks easier and safer.

As the eye ages it takes longer to adjust to changes so moving from a bright room into a darker area of the home e.g. hallway can be disorienting. On top of this, light entering an older eye is more “scattered” than it would be in a younger person’s eye; the contrasts between objects are not so easily recognised. As a result, older people can find it more difficult to see the stairs, their edges and any trip hazards such as doormats in the hall.

Useful tips for better lighting can be accessed HERE.

Rising at night

This is common for many older people who may have problems sleeping or may need to use the bathroom more frequently. It is always a good idea to rise slowly after having been lying down and to use some lighting to guide you as you walk around at night. A touch lamp is a useful aid and is easily turned on with varying degrees of brightness depending on how many times you tap it. Torches or night lights that plug into sockets can also be useful.

Many falls accident happen:

  • on halls and stairways when we are carrying things, rushing or cleaning.
  • in bedrooms from getting dressed to rising at night.
  • in living rooms from clutter to cables and mats.
  • in kitchens from spills to surface water brought in from outside.

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