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Staff Antibody testing

Covid-19 Antibody tests for staff now available

Antibody testing is now available for Southern Trust staff as part of the Department of Health regional programme.

All staff who wish to avail of the blood test can to do so in the coming weeks and months. The programme will initially prioritise staff based on where they work and their exposure risk.

If your test shows that you have SARS-CoV-2 antibodies it means that you have come into contact with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and your body has responded by developing antibodies.

However as COVID-19 is a new disease, our understanding of the body’s immune response to it is still very limited. We do not know how long an antibody response lasts, or whether having antibodies means you cannot be re-infected or transmit the virus to others. Therefore no matter what your result is, you will need to continue to act as if you can still get infected or pass on the infection.

Our understanding of the virus will grow as new evidence emerges. Your participation in this study will provide valuable information about the prevalence of Covid-19 and improve understanding of how the disease spreads.

For more information and staff Q&A click HERE

Only book your test AFTER you have read the above Q&A.

Click HERE to complete the online questionnaire. (You will need both your Health and Care Number (HCN) and your Staff number – If you do not know your HCN, it will be on any communication you receive from NHS, or your GP practice should be able to provide this by phone, or you can contact Business Services Organisation on 030 0555 0113).

If you do not have access to the internet or email you can telephone Occupational Health on 028 3756 4805 or 028 3756 4806. They will complete the questionnaire with you over the phone and call you with the result.

Best wishes

Dr Angel Boulos MB BCh BAO FRCPath

Consultant Microbiologist

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