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Bereavement Support Midwife

The death of a baby during pregnancy or at any time can cause intense sadness for a woman and her family.

We would like to extend our sympathy to you and your partner at this difficult time.

Support for you

The Bereavement Support Midwives are available to all women who have experienced a loss within the SHSCT Maternity Services.

All midwives can support and care for women who lose their baby, and the Bereavement Support Midwife works closely with all midwifery and medical colleagues caring for you at this time.

She is available to provide you and your family with an extra source of support and can guide you with the decisions and the arrangements that you will need to make at this time.

You may wish to avail of this service during your stay in hospital or you may contact the midwife at a later stage. This may be weeks or months later.

How to contact the Bereavement Support Midwife

If you would like an appointment with the midwife, you can ask your community midwife, health visitor or GP to refer you to the service. You may also refer yourself to the service by telephone on the numbers below. The midwife will then contact you by telephone to arrange a suitable time for your appointment.

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


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