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Service User Feedback/Complaints

We want to give the best service to all our residents, services users and clients, and their relatives and carers. Usually we succeed – but sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens, we want to hear about it so we can put things right.

The information below tells you what to do if you are unhappy with the service we have provided to you, a relative, or someone in your care. You can also tell us if you are unhappy if we have not provided a service that you think we should have provided. You can complain if you are:

  • Dissatisfied with a service provided, either to yourself, your relative or someone in your care
  • Concerned that you, your relative or someone in your care has not received a service you think should be provided. If you are making a complaint for someone else, you will need to get their written consent to do so.

How to Complain/Provide Feedback

Wherever possible, you should tell someone close to the cause of your feedback / complaint for example, a doctor, nurse, or receptionist. In many cases the problem can be sorted out straight away. If you cannot agree or find it hard to approach the person, ask to speak to their manager.

If you still cannot agree or find it hard to approach the Manager, contact the Service User Feedback Team, we are here to help you.

To contact the Service User Feedback Team you can:

  • Complete the Service User Feedback form below
  • Write or email
  • Telephone
  • In person (by arrangement)

Service User Feedback

Clinical and Social Care Governance Department

Lurgan Hospital Site

100 Sloan Street


BT66 3NX

Phone: (028) 37564600

To submit your feedback please complete the form below.

Further Information:

  • Time limit to making a complaint

    It is important to make your feedback/ complaint as soon as possible. The time limits for making a complaint are:-

    • Within 6 months of the event
    • Within six months of becoming aware that you have cause for complaint, provided this is not more that 12 months after the event These limits can be extended if there are good reasons why you did not complain sooner.
  • What happens next when I make a complaint?

    Your complaint will be acknowledged within two working days of receipt and it will be investigated thoroughly and confidentially.

    We aim to respond to your feedback/ complaint in full within 20 working days, to address your concerns and let you know of any actions taken as a result. However, some complaints take longer to resolve than others. We will tell you if it becomes clear that we cannot respond within the timescales and we will explain why.

    At any stage a meeting can be arranged to discuss your feedback/ complaint when you may be accompanied by a relative, friend or someone from the Patient Client Council.
    We are committed to doing our best to resolve any complaint you may have. If having received our reply you are still not happy, please contact the Service User Feedback Team within one month.

    We will discuss the options available which may help to resolve any outstanding issues, and can explain how you can take your complaint further.

  • What If You Remain Dissatisfied?

    If you remain dissatisfied, you can refer your complaint to the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will consider your feedback/ complaints to determine whether they will investigate.
    Although you have the right to approach the Ombudsman at any time, The Ombudsman will not usually take on a case which has not first been through the Complaints Procedure.
    Further information on the services of the Ombudsman is available by contacting:

    Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman
    Freepost NIPSO
    Freephone: (0800) 34 34 24
    Text Phone: (028) 9089 7789

  • Useful Contacts

    Throughout the complaint investigations you also have a right to seek the help of the Patient and Client Council (PCC).

    The PCC is an independent body, set up to represent your interests in Health & Social Care. They can provide free and confidential advice, information and help throughout the complaints process, help with writing letters, making phone calls, supporting you at meetings or assisting with bringing your complaint to The Ombudsman.

    You can get more information about the PCC at:
    Freephone: (0800) 917 0222

    The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is the independent Health and Social Care regulatory body for Northern Ireland. Further information about services provided by RQIA is available at:
    Tel: (028) 9051 7500

  • Other Formats and Languages

    The Trust has produced an information leaflet for the public in various languages and formats, which tells you what steps to take to provide feedback/ complaint about any services provided by the Trust. If you require information in other languages please contact the Service User Feedback Team.

    Phone: (028) 37564600

  • Service User Feedback Policies/Reports

    Our aim is to ensure that the services we provide are of high quality and that they are delivered in a comfortable, caring, compassionate and safe environment. Each year a significant number of people received services provided or commissioned by the Southern Health & Social Care Trust and the vast majority have a positive experience and are cared for by well trained professional and support service staff, all of whom are highly dedicated. However like any organisation, things can go wrong and when this is the case we make it our goal to listen, learn and improve.

    Patient Experience and involvement is extremely important to us. We aim to continually improve and it is those people who have experienced or observed our services who can help us to learn and improve the services we provide by sharing their experiences.
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