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Management structure

Our senior management team provide strategic and operational leadership for the women’s health division. They ensure we are delivering high quality and responsive services and that patient care and experience remains central to what we do.

  • Caroline Keown, Assistant Director of Integrated Maternity and Women's Health

    My role in Trust is Assistant Director for Integrated Maternity & Woman’s Health and I am responsible for the management, performance and day to day running of maternity, gynaecology, contraception and sexual health services across the Southern Trust. I ensure in partnership with the clinical teams that the women and families who use our services get the highest quality and standards of evidenced based care which are focused on their needs at the point of service contact. Alongside my team I also ensure that we are listening to our service users and ensuring that when necessary we are learning from times when the outcome was not as intended. I work to ensure that the IMWH team is striving every day to be the best they can be, ensuring the people we serve are receiving the treatment and care that they require and that we are continuing to build a team who have our service users at the centre of all that we do.

  • Wendy Clarke, Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology
  • Dr Jennifer McKenna, Consultant Midwife

    Dr Jennifer McKenna, Consultant MidwifeI was delighted to take up the post of Consultant Midwife for the Southern HSCT in June 2022. The role of the Consultant Midwife is to promote expert clinical practice through education and training, while demonstrating professional leadership and consultancy through practice and service development, research and evaluation (DoH, 2017). I am passionate about promoting holistic, individualised, woman-centred midwifery care for all women, throughout their childbearing journey. All women should have care and support from a midwife.

    My goals include establishing a Birth Choices Clinic, promoting our fantastic Midwife-Led Units and Birth at Home service, developing our Complementary Therapies service, and supporting the Continuity of Midwifery Carer model. I’m also working to put midwifery care at the heart of the perinatal mental health, perinatal epilepsy, and perinatal diabetes services. Above all, I want to improve maternity care for all women in the Southern HSCT by working with midwives, obstetricians, other healthcare professionals, and women and their families.

  • Amy Eakin, Interim Lead Gynaecology and Fertility Services

    I am feeling very privileged to be currently in the role of interim lead nurse for

    gynaecological services.  My role is to manage and support the team delivering services within gynae inpatients and outpatients, family planning, early pregnancy,

    fertility and genito-urinary medicine.  I am passionate about delivering the best possible care to our patients and am very proud of the staff within my teams who also strive for this on a daily basis.

    My goal is to support and drive a model of care where our patients remain at the centre, and continue to promote ease of access to our services to improve health.

    I am very excited about upcoming expansions and improvements within our service which will be of great benefit to our patients.


    “Happiness consists of giving, and in helping others”.

  • Mary Dawson, Lead Midwife Craigavon Area Hospital
  • Josie Rushe, Lead Midwife Daisy Hill Hospital

    My name is Josie Rushe and I am the Lead Midwife for the Maternity Department in Daisy Hill Hospital within the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.  I have been working as a Midwife for almost 18 years and am extremely proud of my profession.  My passion for Midwifery and women’s health drives me to work towards excellence within our Service and I am committed to Service development and staff wellbeing, recruitment and retention.  I am responsible for the Service provision within our Maternity and Gynaecology Outpatients Department, Maternity Ward, Delivery Suite, Maternity Assessment Unit and Midwifery Led Unit.

    Maternity Services are constantly evolving and developing within Northern Ireland and I am delighted to be a part of the Senior team who can influence and promote these developments which ultimately improves upon the care we provide to women and their families.

    My role involves implementing change, leading a large group of Midwives to provide high quality services for women in the Southern Trust, quality improvement and audit, risk management and evaluating our service in order to provide assurance that our Maternity Services is meeting the needs of all women in our area.

    As Lead Midwife for Daisy Hill Maternity I am on site most days working closely with staff and patients to address any current practice issues and challenges that we face on a daily basis.  I love my job and get great job satisfaction knowing that within my role I am helping to provide a positive birth experience for women and their families

  • Paula Boyle, Lead Midwife Community

    I am currently in post from February 2019.  As the Lead Midwife I manage, lead and support 6 community teams within 3 localities across the SHSCT, Armagh/Dungannon, Brownlow/Banbridge, Newry and Mourne alongside the Birth at Home team who cover the whole Trust.

    My role is to promote and ensure safe, effective, evidenced based, person centred care through good leadership and support to both the midwives and the woman and families that use our service.  Having worked as a community midwife for many years it is my passion that care is delivered in the right place, at the right time by the right person.  Birth at Home and service user involvement are other particular areas of interest and involvement.

  • Maria Garvey, Lead Midwife – Continuity of Midwifery Carer (CoMC)

    Maria, CoMC Lead Midwife

    I have been a Midwife for many years working through all areas of Maternity and then as a Delivery Suite Sister in Craigavon Area Hospital. I moved out into Community Midwifery initially to Brownlow and then to Armagh and Dungannon. I became the Team Leader for Armagh and Dungannon in 2016 and was there until I took up my current role as Lead Midwife for Continuity of Midwifery Carer. (CoMC)

    I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to lead on the Regional design and implementation stage of introducing CoMC on behalf of the Trust.

    I am very passionate about CoMC as it will be a way of working within Maternity Services that will provide integrated, appropriate and seamless care for all women through their journey from pregnancy and birth to the early parenting period.

    While all pregnant women need a midwife, many women will also need an obstetrician.  Women may also need to see a range of other specialists including doctors, mental health professionals, allied health professionals or specialist midwives and nurses, depending on their particular needs. All of this will be delivered within the new model which I am delighted about the inclusiveness for all women.


  • Brid France, Sister, Antenatal and Postnatal Ward, Craigavon Area Hospital
  • Emma Creagh, Ward Manager, Daisy Hill Hospital
    Emma Creagh, Ward Manager, Daisy Hill Hospital
  • Gemma Winter, Antenatal Education Coordinator Midwife
  • Michelle O'Hagan, Infant Feeding Lead Midwife
  • Donna King, Staff Development Midwife
    Donna King, Staff Development Midwife
  • Katrina McCullough, Clinical Skills Midwife
    Katrina McCullough, Clinical Skills Midwife
  • Donna McLoughlin, Fetal Monitoring Midwife
    Donna McLoughlin, Fetal Monitoring Midwife
  • Maria McEnery, Substance Misuse and Social Complexities Midwife

    I am delighted to have been recently appointed in my new position of Substance Misuse and Social Complexities Midwife at Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

    My role is to ensure identification and management of pregnant women with current or historical substance misuse or those women leading socially complex lives.  I will develop and maintain appropriate pathways for a small caseload of women.  I will liaise with Child Care Services in respect of any perceived issues relating to pregnant women or their children’s welfare whilst using local strategies and resources. This will happen in conjunction with Obstetric, Midwifery and Addiction Services, alongside other External Agencies and Voluntary Organisations.

    I am passionate in supporting co-ordinated care, promoting therapeutic individualised care plans to guarantee high quality effective safeguarding processes are in place.  Thereby ensuring excellent care and compassion is offered to pregnant women and their families at all levels by using evidence based practice to offer appropriate interventions.

  • Leanne Armstrong, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife

    Leanne Armstrong, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife

  • Oonagh King and Shivaun McKinley, Bereavement Support Midwives
    Shivaun McKinley And Oonagh King
  • Julie McKenna and Ita McCaughey, Community Midwives

    Julie McKenna and Ita McCaughey, Community Midwives

  • Katherine Martin, Midwifery Practice Education Facilitator

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