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Equality and Diversity

Equality Scheme

This is a statement of the Trust’s commitment to meeting its statutory duties under Section 75 of the NI Act 1998, setting out how it is going to ensure that equality and good relations are promoted in everything the Trust does.

This places duties on the Trust to promote equality of opportunity taking into account nine equality categories – namely between:

  • persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation
  • men and women generally
  • persons with a disability and persons without
  • persons with dependants and persons without.

The Trust’s Equality Scheme has been approved by the Equality Commission for NI.

Please see link for the Disability Equality Training video below.


Cathy Lavery

Head of Equality, Diversity

& Inclusion

Call us028 3756 4151

  • Equality Scheme
  • Equality Scheme Progress Reports

    The Trust must produce and submit Annual Progress Reports to the Equality Commission detailing how the commitments in its Equality Scheme are being implemented.

  • Equality and Disability Actions Plans

    The current 5 year action plans set out the actions the Trust has agreed to take forward over the period 2018-2023 to fulfil its Equality and Disability Duties.  These plans have been approved by our Trust Board. The valuable contributions received from the pre-consultation event and during the public consultation in 2017 helped to inform and shape the final plans.

    Equality & Disability Actions Plans

    TitleDate addedDownload
    RegionalEAP2018-202319-05-2020 Download
    LocalEAP2018-202319-05-2020 Download
    RegionalDAP2018-202319-05-2020 Download
    LocalDAP2018-202319-05-2020 Download
    ConsultationOutcomeReportFeb201819-05-2020 Download
    EqualitiesOutcomeReportEasyRead19-05-2020 Download

    The HSC Trusts have revised their Audit of Inequalities document which has helped identify the inequalities to be addressed in these action plans.

    HSC Audit of Inequalities

    TitleDate addedDownload
    HSCAuditOfInequalitiesApril201819-05-2020 Download
  • Policy Screening

    The Trust must consider the nine equality categories when making decisions and formulating or revising policies/proposals – this is known as screening.  The screening process is used to identify which policies/proposals are likely to have an adverse impact on equality of opportunity and/or good relations and helps to draw these considerations into the policy/decision making process.

    The Trust publishes quarterly policy screening outcome reports of screenings undertaken.

    Click HERE to view.

    If it is decided that a policy/proposal is likely to have significant/major issues relating to equality, it is then necessary to consider carrying out a more detailed exercise called an equality impact assessment (EQIA).

    Policy Screening and Equality Impact Assessment – Information Leaflet

  • Guidance for Board Members