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Drug use occurs in all classes and communities even though the drugs used and the way they are used varies from area to area. People take drugs for a wide range of reasons such as to feel more confident and excited. Others use drugs to relax and possibly to forget about their problems and possibly to numb pain whether physical or emotional.  The effect of drugs depends on the type of drug taken.

There are a number of risks from taking drugs and if you are worried about someone you know and suspect that they may be taking drugs there are a number of organisations which offer support and help for those concerned about drugs or alcohol issues, as well as offering a variety of education programmes for young people and adults on alcohol and drugs.

Mixing alcohol with other drugs

When you take alcohol with another drug, there is interaction in your body where one drug alters the other drug’s effects. Mixing alcohol with other drugs can be unpredictable and dangerous. If you take alcohol with other drugs, the effects could be nausea, illness or death.

For further information visit:
Support Services in the Southern Trust area (Alcohol and Drugs)