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Specialist Services – Short Breaks

The Trust offers a range of specialist services to support people to live healthy active lives, delivering high quality, compassionate care and support.  The SHSCT Specialist services include a range of specialities to include Sensory services, Self Directed Support, Learning Disability Carer Consultants, Adult Placement & Shared Care Service and the Learning Disability Short Break Team.  Specialist Services are continually growing to provide bespoke highly trained services to meet the evolving needs of our population to foster a culture of inclusion, belonging and support with community living.

Short Breaks are part of the overall support provided to carers helping to sustain the caring relationship, enabling carers to have a life alongside the caring role, promoting health and well- being and preventing crisis.   A Short Break is the provision of regular, occasional respite from caring commitments.   The short break service with the community teams provide time limited short breaks in emergencies to support carers in their caring role.   A short break can be provided on a regular basis over the longer term to enable the family carers to get a complete break from their caring responsibilities and for people with learning disabilities to have an enjoyable break with various opportunities and choices.

Short Breaks encompasses a wide range of different short term services, such as Bed Based Short Breaks, Self Directed Support flexible short breaks, Shared Care, and Activity Weekends.  Short Breaks should be fun and enjoyable, supporting people with learning disabilities to be part of the community and provide opportunities to do new and different things.   The SHSCT offer bed based short breaks in a range of settings to include Woodlawn house,  Independent Care providers and the community and voluntarily providers.

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Woodlawn House
Sensory Services
Self Directed Support
Learning Disability Carer Consultants