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Teach Sona

Teach Sona Supported Living service, provides long term 24 hour domiciliary Care/Support and housing support for up to 10 individuals with a learning disability in the Mullaghbawn area. The Care/Support and housing support is offered & tailored to meet the needs of each individual. A care/support plan is developed in partnership with the individual or their representative to identify the areas of care /support which is required to maintain their tenancy and this will be reviewed on an annual basis through the annual review or more frequently, if required through an MDT meeting. Documentation will identify an individual’s income and expenditure in relation to their tenancy

5 individuals have accommodation within Teach Sona in single rooms, sharing communal areas e.g.; Bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and share their house with support staff, who have an office and a bedroom in Teach Sona.  Up to a further 5 individuals live in their own accommodation near to Teach Sona and all have access to a Support service, if required.

Staffing resources are used to ensure a high quality of support is maintained which affords continuity and accountability for all work practices. The level of support can range from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to meet the individualised assessed need of each person.


Teach Sona

5 Mullanstown, Mullaghbawn, Newry, BT35 9EX

Call us02830 888866

  • Description of services/opportunities provided

    Range of services provided are;

    • Assistance with personal care as per the individual’s assessed need.
    • Support to maintain and enhance an individual’s life skills through setting agreed and realistic goals
    • Support with domestic tasks and food preparation/cooking
    • Assistance with managing money and dealing with correspondence
    • Assistance with medication
    • Support to maintain tenancy re; completing forms / liaising with DHSS/ Housing executive/ housing landlord and Trust
    • Advising individuals about safety and security in the community and their own home
    • Support with community integration and accessing local services
    • Support with neighbour disputes
    • Support to attend appointments

    Our key objectives are designed to: –

    • Engage in regular community experiences by being supported to use local resources.
    • Experience maximum choice and participation in their support arrangements by being involved in developing their support plans.
    • Receive individually tailored support programmes to enable individuals to achieve maximum control of all aspects of their lives by assessing and planning their support needs with relevant others.
    • Promotion of a person centred approach.
    • Regular consultation with tenants on the everyday service.
    • Enjoy a greater circle of informal support in their lives. This is achieved with greater participation in the community.
    • Maintain and promote individuals’ independence in all areas of their lives, in accordance with their assess needs
  • Routes to access the service

    Following an assessment of need, where alternative accommodation is required the case manager in consultation with the service-user, their carers and the multi-disciplinary team present their case to the  Accommodation Panel. The aim is to ensure that the service-user’s needs are prioritised. When an appropriate vacancy within a supported living scheme becomes available and is offered to the service-user the case manager will support in their move to their new home.

  • Referral criteria

    The service-users’ needs to have a confirmed learning disability and be an open case to the Community Learning Disability Team, Southern Health & Social Care Trust;

    Based on the service-user’s assessment of need, there is evidence of care/support needs, and their needs can be met within a supported living scheme;

    Our supported living scheme cater for a wide range of care/support needs so it is important that the appropriate scheme is identified to meet the individual needs of the service-user;

    The service-user must be actively involved in the process and be happy with their new accommodation;

    The service-user must be eligible for housing benefit of if not agree to pay full-costs;

    The service-user/appointee must agree to pay the costs associated with a tenant living in the scheme.


  • Leaflets

    Teach Sona Information Leaflet 2022

  • COVID-19 specific information

    Covid 19 guidelines are currently in place and under constant review

  • Makaton signing/easy read

    We are a Makaton friendly scheme are champions in the 5 good communication standards.

  • Advocacy services & contacts

    Independent Advocacy are regularly involved with Tenant’s.

    Sinéad Campbell

    Advocacy Team Leader

    Disability Action