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Appleby Social Education Centre in Armagh is a Day Care facility for adults with learning disabilities and/ or associated physical care needs.

Appleby SEC aims to provide a quality service in response to a wide range of abilities/disabilities, ensuring high levels of care, stimulation and support.

The centre aims to maximise personal development, independence and integration of people with a disability into their local community, encourage and promote user participation in the planning of services and provide personal, practical and emotional support to service users as required. Appleby also helps to promote the rights, choice, dignity, respect and sense of fulfilment to people with a learning disability.

  • Description of services/opportunities provided

    Appleby Day Care staff work with appropriate Allied Health Professionals as appropriate in order to implement person centred therapeutic programmes as required. Some therapists work with individuals or small groups of service users. Allied Health Professionals include:

    • Physiotherapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech & Language
    • Psychiatry
    • Psychology
    • Dental Hygiene
    • Podiatry

    Therapeutic activities form the daily/weekly timetable within each group. All activities offered will meet the assessed need of the individual’s recreation, education, social, physical and emotional needs. These include:

    • Service User Committee (Advocacy)
    • Snack Cookery
    • Hand & Foot Massage
    • MAKATON choir
    • Sensory activities
    • Walking
    • Community Access
    • Current affairs
    • Communication skills
    • Speech & Language Therapy
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Music and Dance Themed Activities
    • Audio and Visual choice (WII/ clever touch screen)
    • Health Promotion
    • Social Skills
    • Physiotherapy Programmes
    • Programmes to promote/maintain personal care needs
    • Exercise e.g. armchair aerobics
    • Fit 4 U activities
    • Service users meetings
  • Routes to access Day care services

    Referrals to the service are received through the Adult learning disability team (case managers) and the Transition team.

    • Case Manager collates NISAT documentation and appropriate risk assessments in conjunction with the service user and other professionals and discusses this information with the Team Leader to ensure eligibility criteria is met.
    • Assessment documentation is forwarded by the Team Leader to the Day Care Manager.
    • Day Care Manager will discuss assessment information with Team Leader and collectively decide if the eligibility criteria is met.
    • Day Care Manager will consider assessments complete impact assessment re resources etc and advise Team Leader if a placement is available or if referral is required to be put on the waiting list
    • Service User and / or Carer to visit Day Centre.
    • Referral discussed / recorded.
    • Referral agent and Service User informed of placement availability.  Agreement reached. Number of days, duration of placement etc.
  • Referral criteria

    Admission to day centre based care will be determined by the adult learning disability community team leader and day care manager using the SHSCT Day Services Screening Tool (Draft) and further Eligibility Criteria introduced as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020.

    Day care placements will be reviewed on an ongoing basis with a clear focus on assisting persons with a disability to achieve their full maximum potential, which may include referral to age appropriate community day opportunities as appropriate.

    Criteria for Admission

    • The person must be a resident in the Southern Health & Social care Trust area
    • Aged 18 years or
    • A person with a learning disability who may have complex health care needs and / or behavioural support needs
  • COVID-19 specific information

    Appleby is currently following IPC guidelines regarding Covid 19.

  • Links to relevant regional services
  • Videos

    Please see recent productions of Makaton;

  • Awards won/nominated

    In Sept 2021, Assistant Manager Leeanne Cornett was nominated for the Frontline Leader Award and was named 1 of the 6 Finalist in the National Learning Disability and Autism Award.

  • Newsletter

    Newsletter to recommence shortly

  • Advocacy services & contacts

    Service user Advocate is invited to each service user review.

    Sinéad Campbell

    Advocacy Team Leader

    Disability Action

  • Contact Details

    Appleby Social Education Centre

    43 Ballinahonemore Road Armagh BT60 1JD


    Facility opening day/times  Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm