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Sensory Disability Services

We are a team of specialist staff who offer services to children and adults and include those who are:

  • Deaf
  • Hard of hearing or have an acquired hearing loss
  • Have difficulties with Tinnitus
  • Certified Severely Sight Impaired
  • Certified Sight Impaired
  • Visually Impaired
  • Deaf/ Blind (dual sensory loss)
  • Carers assessments


The Sensory Disability Services are delivered locally through qualified and skilled staff teams comprising of:

  • Team Leaders
  • Social Workers
  • Rehabilitation Workers
  • Environmental Equipment Officers
  • Floating Support Workers
  • Community Access Workers
  • Admin / clerical support


Sensory Disability Team

Jackson Hall

Main Building

St Luke’s


BT61 7AQ

Call us02837564444

Sensory Disability Team

Cherrytrees Resource Centre

1a Edenderry Gardens


Call us02838394088

  • Routes to access the service

    We operate an open referral system; a referral for services may be made in writing, by telephone or in person. Referrals are accepted from individuals, carers, family members or health care professionals. The referrals are screened to ensure they are appropriate and can benefit from access to services.

  • Referral criteria

    Referral to the service

    • A person with significant sight loss ( significant is agreed to mean a sight loss that cannot be corrected by spectacles)


    • Requires services and supports in coping with their sight loss
    • Lives within the SHSCT area


    • The carer of a person wth a sight loss who requires an assessment relating to their caring role




    • A person who is Deaf
    • A person with a significant hearing loss (significant is agreed to mean requiring hearing aids following referral to and assessment by local Audiology Department
    • A person who has Tinnitus


    • Requires services and supports in coping with deafness or hearing loss
    • Lives within the SHSCT area


    • A carer of a person with a sight loss who requires an assessment relating to their caring role
  • Leaflets
  • COVID-19 specific information

    As staff are wearing masks this can create a barrier for communication. All alterative measures will be discussed to reduce the barriers to communication in line with infection prevention control

  • Videos
  • Makaton
  • News items

    A quarterly newsletter for service users with a visual impairment is available in talking format.

  • Service user/carer testimonials
  • Advocacy Services and contacts
  • Newsletters
    • Vision forum
    • News and Views
    • quartly newsletter