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Current consultations will be published here.

  • Consultation on Equality and Disability Action Plans 2023-28

    Consultation on Equality and Disability Action Plans 2023-28

    The six Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland have worked in partnership to develop new draft Equality and Disability Action Plans for 2023-28.

    These draft equality and disability action plans outline the proposed actions to be taken forward by the Health and Social Care Trusts over the next 5 years to address Section 75 inequalities, and to promote positive attitudes towards people with a disability and to encourage participation in public life.  The draft plans have been informed by an audit of inequalities and engagement with experts by experience and key stakeholders.

    We are now seeking views on our draft Equality and Disability Action Plans and welcome your feedback regarding the potential impact of our proposed actions or how they could be improved. We are keen to hear from anyone – service users, carers, staff and trade unions and we value input from those with lived experience.

    The Northern Trust are collating responses for all Trusts.

    We are consulting for 16 weeks beginning 5 June 2023, all comments should be returned by 25 September 2023.

    You can provide your feedback on the draft plans by completing the consultation proforma –

    Alternatively we welcome your views in any format.  Please contact the Equality Unit at 028 2766 1377 or

    You can write to the Equality Unit at Route Complex, 8e Coleraine Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, BT53 6BP

    Consultation Videos

    Alternative Formats

    If you have any queries about the consultation documents, and their availability in alternative formats (including Braille, disk, audio and minority languages) then please contact the Equality Unit on or telephone 028 2766 1377.

    English:  This document can be made available in minority ethnic languages, on request, to meet the needs of those not fluent in English.

    Polish:  Aby wyjść naprzeciw potrzebom osób, które nie mówią biegle po angielsku, ten Plan Działania może być udostępniony w językach mniejszości etnicznych na życzenie.

    Lithuanian:  Šis veiksmų Planas pareikalavus gali būti pateiktas tautiniu mažumu kalbomis, kad atitiktų sklandžiai nemokančių anglų kalbos poreikius.

    Portuguese:  O Plano de Ação está disponível, à pedido, em outras línguas, para atender às necessidades das pessoas que não são fluentes na língua Inglesa.

    Tetum:  Aksaun Planu ida né,se bele fo ou halo iha liafuan etnika minoria sira nian, nebe bele husu, para bele ajuda ba ema sira nebe la hatene koalia lian Inglés.

    Latvian:  Šis darbības plāns var būt pieejams mazākumtautību valodās pēc pieprasījuma, lai palīdzētu tiem, kam ir nepietiekamas angļu valodas zināšanas.

    Russian:  Сейчас план проводимой работы может быть доступен так же на языках этнических меньшинств, по просьбе тех, кто не владеет свободно английским языком.

    Czech:  ‘Aby byly uspokojeny potřeby těch, kteří nemluví plynule anglicky, je možné tento návrh Akčního plánu na požádání poskytnout v jazycích etnických menšin.’

    Slovak:  Tento Akčný Plán môže byť na požiadanie dostupný v jazykoch národnostných menšín z dôvodu zabezpečenia potrieb tých, ktorí nie sú spôsobilí mu porozumieť v angličtine.

    Chinese- (Cantonese):這行動計劃草案將會根據需求被翻譯成各種小數族裔語言去迎合那些英語不流利的人士的需要

  • Future of Emergency General Surgery Consultation

    We are consulting on the proposal to provide Emergency General Surgery Services on the Craigavon Area Hospital Site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    This is in keeping with the current service model with a number of enhancements to enable the Trust to meet regional standards set out by the Department of Health.

    We are committed to providing Emergency General Surgery to the population we serve, based on the best available evidence and quality standards and which will create a sustainable service that delivers the best possible outcomes for our patients.

    The documents below provide detailed information on this proposal.

    The consultation document explains why we need to change our Emergency General Surgery service.

    In keeping with the commitments in our Equality Scheme we have carried out an Equality Impact Assessment of this proposal.

    As required under the Rural Needs Act (NI) 2016 we have carried out a Rural Needs Impact Assessment.

    Other Documents

    Future of Emergency General Surgery press release 28.09.23

    Developing elective surgery at Daisy Hill Hospital press release 22.06.23

    Stabilising General Surgery Services press release 13.03.2023

    Emergency General Surgery Consultation Letter 27.01.23 

    Future of Emergency General Surgery press release 27.01.23 

    Public Meeting about the Development of Daisy Hill Hospital and the Future of Emergency General Surgery

    Alternative Formats 

    The consultation document and the Trust’s Equality Scheme can be made available on request in alternative formats or hard copy.

    Tel: 028 3756 4819 or

    The consultation will run for 12 weeks beginning 27 January 2023 until 21 April 2023.

    Emergency General Surgery Consultation Questionnaire

    Complete the emergency general surgery consultation questionnaire here 

  • Dementia Consultation

    The Southern Health and Social Care Trust has launched a three month public consultation on the future provision of Inpatient Dementia Services in the Trust area.

    The proposed future service model would see the creation of a specialist inpatient dementia unit within the Bluestone Mental Health unit on the Craigavon Area Hospital site.

    The Southern Trust had a stand-alone inpatient dementia assessment and treatment unit on the Gillis Ward, St Luke’s Hospital, Armagh. In May 2022, patients in Gillis Ward were relocated to Willows ward, Bluestone Unit, Craigavon Area Hospital as an interim contingency arrangement to ensure patient safety and quality of care when dedicated Consultant Psychiatry cover could not be secured.

    The consultation opens on 3 October 2022 and closes on 23 December 2022.

    Read more HERE