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Craigavon Area Hospital Midwifery Led Unit

Our Midwifery-Led Unit at Craigavon Area Hospital is located on the secondfloor and provides 24-hour care during labour and birth.

The facilities have been designed to help you relax with your well-being and comfort in mind.

We offer eight rooms within our midwifery led unit. Each of our rooms are self-contained and have their own bathroom, with a bath that can be used during labour.

We are beginning the process of renovating our largest room to contain a built in birthing pool which should allow more women to experience the benefits of water immersion for labour and birth.

We can also offer a range of therapies and options for analgesia and support during the labour process, including the use of birthing balls, stools, rocking chairs, floor mats, tens machines and complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology and acupuncture. Our staff will also be on hand to provide pharmaceutical methods of analgesia, such as Entonox and opioid injections, should you request them.

Your journey into parenthood does not end with birth and we would like to assure you that our midwives and maternity support workers are here to help you transition in the first hours and days of life as a new parent.