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Woodlawn House

As … parents, we feel very happy with how we as a family and … are treated by everyone at Woodlawn.

We feel that if we had any problem or if … was unhappy, we could resolve it. We are so grateful that … has been able to use Woodlawn as respite.


It is recognised that an integral feature in the provision of specialist Health and Social Care services for adults with a Learning Disability and their carers is short breaks provision.  Woodlawn House was established in 2008 to provide a co-ordinated range of high quality and effective health and personal social services to adults aged 18 years and over. It aims to ensure that these services are both appropriate and accessible.

Woodlawn House works closely with a range of health and social services staff to ensure that the facility provides the highest quality service.

Woodlawn House provides a range of Short Breaks for both males and females with a Learning Disability aged 18 years and over.

These Short Breaks are: 7 nights (Discharge / Admission Monday)

This may vary dependent on assessed need and agreed by the short breaks panel

Our purpose built unit is an eight bedded nursing home set within its own private site on the Quarry Lane in Dungannon within easy reach of local shopping and leisure facilities, parks and public transport.

While you are with us you will be able to take part in activities, go on trips out, meet new friends and develop new interests.

Our Philosophy of care

Woodlawn House is committed to meeting the individual needs of each adult and their parents/carer’s. Staff will provide a warm, caring and supportive environment that adheres to the following principles:

  • Service users will feel safe, secure and comfortable and that their happiness remains our first priority.
  • Service users will be enabled to express their needs and be listened to.
  • All service users will be treated equally and fairly in keeping with Equality principles.
  • Each Service user’s needs will be assessed and care planned using a Person Centred approach.
  • Each service user will be allocated a named nurse who will take a special interest and have specific responsibilities for him or her.


Our Objectives

  • To provide a home from home facility where adults with a Learning Disability can avail of Short Breaks.
  • To support and actively promote family life and enable adults with a Learning Disability to live at home and have their needs met.
  • To meet the significant and complex health / behavioural needs of adults with Learning Disabilities through a highly qualified and experienced workforce.
  • To provide an appropriate facility for emergency Short Breaks care.


Our Accommodation

Woodlawn House is an eight bedded facility; 7 beds within the main Woodlawn House building with one additional bed in a separate unit, Hillview, adjacent to Woodlawn House for service users who present with higher levels of challenging behaviours.

Woodlawn House:

  • 7 single bedrooms, each has their own private bathroom. Two of these rooms have ceiling hoists in both the bedroom and bathroom.
  • Each bedroom has its own bed, wardrobe, dressing table, beside locker, chair and soft furnishings.
  • You are welcome to bring along personal items which will make your stay with us more comfortable.
  • You can also use the other areas in the main building which includes a sun room, a day room, quiet area, a multi-sensory room, two toilet facilities, large shower room, large bathroom with a bath, a dining room and an enclosed patio area.


  • 1 single bedroom with an adjacent bathroom – choice of a shower or bath.
  • Open plan day room, dining area, kitchen facility and enclosed patio area.



Our team of dedicated and experienced staff are available throughout the day and night to help and support you.

All our staff are experienced in looking after people with a Learning Disability and are provided with an induction to our Short Breaks Service, along with ongoing training to update their skills and knowledge.

When you begin to use the service you will have a named nurse identified to you.  Your named nurse will work in partnership with you and your family to agree an individualised plan of care specific to your individual needs. You will have the opportunity to be involved with evaluation and deciding if the plan is meeting your needs, this can then be re-negotiated and alternative solutions explored.  This will also help us to assist you, with your permission, to go about your normal day to day activities such as your personal care, going to school, work or your day placement, hobbies and leisure activities

You will also have an associate nurse identified to you who will assist your named nurse to develop and maintain your individual nursing file and help you to experience new activities, interests or social opportunities both within the unit and the local community.

We will all help you with your:

  • Individual needs
  • Rights
  • Independence
  • help you to make the right choices

Our staff team comprises of:

  • Facility Manager – Registered Learning Disability Nurse
  • Assistant Manager – Registered Learning Disability Nurse
  • Registered Learning Disability Nurses x 11
  • Senior Nursing Assistants x 15
  • Domestic Assistants x2
  • Secretary x1


Woodlawn House & Hillview

Quarry Lane,


Co. Tyrone,

BT70 1HX

Call usWoodlawn (028) 37 566 380 Hillview (028) 37 564834

  • Description of services/opportunities provided


    A choice of home cooked meals will be provided daily. Breakfast, lunch, tea and supper will be available, as well as snacks and drinks during the day. Lunch is normally served at 12.30pm and Tea at 5pm but alternative arrangements can be made if these times do not suit you. On admission we will ask you about your food likes and dislikes.



    We have our own wheelchair accessible minibus should you wish to go out on social outings during your stay. No additional cost will be charged for the use of transport.


    Laundry Facilities

    Facilities are available should you wish clothing to be laundered during your stay. All items of clothing should be discreetly marked with your name.  Please indicate to staff on admission if you wish to avail of this service.



    Visitors are welcome at all times, however, it may be helpful to contact the home before they visit to check that you are not away on an outing. All visitors will be offered a quiet area to allow for privacy during visits.

    A copy of our Visiting Guidelines will be given to you and your family prior to admission


    Telephone Calls

    It is preferred that mobile telephones are not used within our facility. Should you need to contact someone at home, staff will assist you.



    Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. All staff are provided with clear guidelines on how to manage the information they deal with as part of their roles. If staff are required to share information, with other professionals as part of your plan of care, we will keep you informed.


    Spiritual Needs

    Opportunity will be available to attend your place of worship should you request to do so. Please inform staff of your preference on admission.



    Smoking is not permitted within the home or anywhere on the site.



    Alcohol consumption is not permitted within the home. Should you choose to consume alcohol on social outings during your stay, prior consent must be obtained from your Doctor. This is to ensure alcohol does not adversely affect any medications you may be currently taking.


    Items Required for Your Stay

    Medicines (enough for the duration of short break) and a current up to date medicine administration record [MARs] with your photo attached, signed by your prescriber e.g. doctor, detailing all medicines currently being taken by you (including any creams or lotions), the times which they are to be taken and how you take them. Please ensure the allergy section is completed even if you do not have any allergies.

    A Nurse will support you during your pre-admission if you are unable to provide an up to date MARs due to your doctor refusing to complete same.

    All medicines should be in their original dispensed packaging only and clearly labelled with your name and date of expiry. Please do not bring in medicine that your doctor has not currently prescribed as we cannot give you them.

    Should you be unwell during your stay, staff will contact your family, and your own Doctor for assistance.

    Toiletries including sanitary products.

    Clothing which should be discreetly marked with your name.

    Footwear including any specialist footwear

    Incontinence Wear.

    Specialist Aids or Appliances e.g. walking frames, seating, adapted cutlery, nebulisers, enteral feeding equipment etc

    Personal Allowance should you wish to avail of social activities during your stay. All monies received are receipted by two members of staff and kept within a locked safe .


    Admission/Discharge Times

    To ensure the health and safety and wellbeing of all people who will use the service, the following admission and discharge times should be adhered to unless otherwise agreed previously by the Manager or Nurse in Charge

    Admission: 3pm – 5pm

    Discharge: 10am -11am

  • Activities
    • Multisensory room
    • Horticulture
    • Council projects
    • Shopping
    • Outings on the bus
    • Television / DVD / Games consoles
    • Dance
    • Relaxation therapy
    • Beauty
    • Computers
    • Reading
    • Bowling
    • Walking
    • Picnics
    • Take away
    • Dining out
    • Cinema
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Weekly service user meetings
  • Routes to access the service

    The individuals Case Manager will complete Short Break Referral Form (SBR1) and appropriate assessments for any individual and their carers wishing to avail of a short break.

    The Learning Disability Community Team Leader will screen the Short Break Referral Form in conjunction with all associated assessments and will forward this to the Short Breaks Team and include a recommendation on allocation of nights.

    The Short Break Screening Team will meet monthly and agree the allocation of nights to appropriate facility.

    The Short Break Coordinator will arrange for the individual, and their carers accompanied by their case manager to attend the facility.

    A pre admission meeting will be arranged and the individual and their carer’s and all professionals currently involved with the service user will be invited to attend.  Copies of all up to date signed reports and assessments should be provided to the Registered Manager/Nurse in Charge at this meeting.

    A pre admission assessment will completed by a nominated Registered Nurse and further information will be obtained from the service user (where appropriate)  and carers on the service users’ needs, preferences, likes and dislikes

    Further assessments may be arranged and undertaken as required. Copies of the outcomes and recommendations of all assessments must be made available to the home before the individual’s first overnight admission. Any items of equipment required/recommended must also be made available to the home before the individual’s first overnight admission.

    Requests, changes or cancellations required by the carer should be made via the case manager to the Short breaks Coordinator who will liaise with the facility

  • Admission criteria

    The person must:

    • Have a diagnosed Learning Disability or Physical Disability
    • Be aged 18 years old.
    • Have complex care needs.
    • Be resident within the Southern Health & Social Care Trust and be known to Community Learning Disability Services.
    • Be willing to pay for short breaks care in accordance with Trust Procedures.


    The staff must:

    • Possess the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to meet assessed need.


    The facility must:

    • Be able to safely and appropriately meet the assessed needs of the person with a Learning Disability

    The facility will aspire towards a minimum 100% occupancy rate in order to provide value for money for the commissioner.  However this will be ultimately determined by the presenting need and compatibility of the service user group at any given time.

  • COVID-19 specific information

    Woodlawn House follows current Department of Health nursing home guidelines and SHSCT Infection Prevention and Control advice in relation to measures in place to reduce the risks from COVID-19.