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Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Our Special Care Baby Unit provides care (level 3) for babies 34 weeks and above with a range of general conditions including preterm, infection, jaundice, respiratory issues, heart defects, low blood sugars, poor temperature control, poor feeding or any undiagnosed condition. It is located on the ground floor in Daisy Hill Hospital.

Babies may stay on the unit for only a few hours or for a period of weeks, depending on their age and their care needs. Babies may need transferred if they become sick requiring level 1or 2 care or babies born less than 34 weeks.

We have a total of six cots and the unit is staffed by neonatal nurses, health care assistants and paediatric consultants. They work closely together to promote family integrated care with parents participating in the care of their baby as much as they feel able.

We are a baby friendly unit who encourages breastfeeding and skin to skin if condition allows, we offer breastfeeding packs with comfortable reclining chairs and breast pumps if required

When your baby is admitted to the SCBU, you will have many questions, and our team will support you and encourage you to be involved in your baby’s care.

Daily routine

7:30am nurse handover

10am-11am doctors ward round

1pm – 2pm quiet time

8pm nurse handover