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Community Sector Training

Community Sector Training works in partnership with the community to ensure local groups have access to free training in safeguarding children and adults for volunteers and staff.  CST’s support enables groups to provide activities and services, helps them create a safe environment and strengthens their ability to access external funding.  It supports the preventative approach of regional safeguarding policies, creating ‘safeguarding aware communities’ and ‘safeguarding sound’ organisations.

Partnership working

We work in partnership with community network groups and safeguarding specialists to identify needs that shape and develop our training programme and how it is delivered. The CST Steering -Group involves representatives of statutory, voluntary and community sector groups including ABC Community Network, Confederation of Community Groups, COSTA, CACD and TADA.

For more information contact:

Community Sector Training, Promoting Wellbeing Division, SHSCT
Tel. 028 3756 1440 or 1441