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Meet the Midwifery Team

During your pregnancy, you may see some or all of these members of our integrated maternity team. If you would like to know more about roles, please ask.


  • Midwife

    Midwife tunicYou have a named midwife, who cares for you and your baby.

    The team assesses and plans your care with you and ensures your infant feeding decision is supported. Please speak to your midwife if you have any questions about yourself or your baby.

  • Maternity Support Workers and Health Care Assistants

    Maternity Support Workers And Health Care Assistants tunicThey work alongside the midwife to provide care for you and your baby.

  • Ward Sister/ Manager

    Ward Sister / Manager tunicThey run the ward and organise and support the staff. Talk to them if you have any concerns about you or your baby’s care.

  • Domestic staff

    Domestic Staff tunicThey will provide you with your meals. They are also responsible for cleaning the ward area.

  • New-born hearing screener

    New Born Hearing Screener tunicThey provide hearing tests on the ward for all babies before going home. If this cannot be done prior to going home they will arrange. An appointment for your baby at their community clinic.

  • Breastfeeding peer supporters (volunteers)

    There is a small but active network of volunteers across the maternity department.

    They are not medically trained but are excellent supporters in many aspects of feeding your baby the way you want to.

  • Ward Clerk

    Ward Clerk tunicThey arrange appointments and referrals and manage your information and Maternity Health Care Records.

  • Paediatricians

    A Paediatric doctor will review your baby if needed, for example if your baby requires antibiotics, phototherapy for jaundice or if the midwife has any concerns about your baby. All paediatric care will be discussed with you.

  • Obstetricians

    An Obstetric doctor will review you as often as needed depending on your health and wellbeing. If you have had a complication during the pregnancy or birth you can expect at least one review.

  • Anaesthetists

    If you have had an epidural or spinal anaesthetic during your labour an Anaesthetic Doctor will review you on the ward the next day.

  • Student Midwives

    Student midwives work alongside experienced midwives on placements throughout the hospital and community settings. They are undertaking a course of study at one of our partner universities. They work under close supervision and only undertake tasks they have been trained to do. If you would prefer not to have a student midwife participating in your care, please discuss this with your midwife.