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Adult learning disability podiatrists provide a comprehensive foot health service for conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs in order to maintain and maximise independence and mobility for the ALD population throughout the Southern Trust.

ALD Podiatry service allows

  •  Ease of access to podiatry for the service user were non-specialist community clinics may not be suitable
  • Equitable service across the Trust
  • Timely reviews and shorter waiting lists
  • High clinical standards
  • Continuity of care provided by staff who have the knowledge, skills and experience in working within learning disability
  • Good communication between professionals within the Community Learning Disability Teams, Day Care, Service users, families/carers


  • Access criteria
    • Diagnosis of a Learning Disability
    • Resident of the SHSCT Trust and known to the Adult Learning Disability Service
    • Age 18+
    • Podiatric need
  • Description of services/opportunities provided

    Service is provided in:

    • Trust Day Care Centres
    • Private Day Care facilities
    • Supported Living
    • Private/Residential Nursing Homes
    • Dorsy Unit
    • Day Time Opportunities
    • Community
  • Copies of leaflets/information sheets
  • Routes to access the service

    Referrals are accepted from:

    • GP
    • Community Learning Disability Teams
    • Specialist Teams i.e. Forensic, Behaviour Support, Transition
  • Referral criteria


    Referrals sent to the Central Booking Unit are triaged daily. Urgent referrals include the presentation of foot ulceration or signs and symptoms of infection such as redness, swelling, pus, increased pain and warmth.

  • Covid 19 specific information

    Amber PPE worn and Covid symptom checklist carried out

  • Videos of team members

    AHP’s working in Adult Learning Disability Services

  • Makaton signing/easy read

  • Contact Details

    Contact ALD Podiatry at:


    028 37564640


    028 37564250


    028 30256780

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