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Travellers Support

Traveller Community Development Officer is member of the Promoting Wellbeing Division working with the local Traveller Support Groups to support co-production and partnership working with the local Traveller communities across the Southern Trust area to:

·         develop health and wellbeing initiatives to improve health and social wellbeing and tackle inequalities

·         encourage and instil behavioural changes to improve their individual health and wellbeing and that of their family and wider community

·         proactively engage in regional and local meetings related to Traveller issues and participate in consultations

·         develop, co-ordinate and deliver Traveller Cultural Awareness Workshops, co-facilitated by members of the Traveller community

·         develop and support the co-design and production of relevant Traveller led publications


Geraldine Donnelly, Health Training Coordinator Tel. 028 3756 4474 Mb. 07920796621

  • Traveller Action Group

    In December 2010, Southern Health & Social Services Trust (the Trust) established a Trust Traveller Action Group (TAG) to progress the recommendations emanating from the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (Our Geels) as they pertain to the Southern Trust.

    The Traveller Action Group (TAG) meets every three months to share information on support services for Travellers and to make sure these services are suitable to meet Traveller needs, ensure Travellers are aware of their existence and how to access.

    The Traveller Action Group (TAG) is chaired by Assistant Director of Promoting Wellbeing, Southern Health and Social Care Trust and there is representation from:

    ·         Other Southern Health and Social Care Trust staff

    ·         Local Traveller Support Groups

    ·         Early Years Toybox

    ·         N I Housing Executive

    ·         Intercultural Education Service (IES)

    ·         Public Health Agency

    ·         Local Council

  • Traveller Support Groups

    Traveller Support Groups in the Southern Trust area use a community development approach to improve the health and social wellbeing of Travellers living or visiting the Southern Trust area. This includes building capacity to engage with health related providers, education, accommodation, employment, public consultations and become empowered to participate more fully in wider society.

    Information and support is provided by staff through direct support and signposting, ensuring Traveller community access and utilise services efficiently and effectively.

  • Further information

    Further information on the work of the Traveller Action Group is documented in the Annual Progress Reports

    If you are interested in becoming part of the Trust Traveller Action Group please contact:

    Margaret Devlin-Hania

    Head of Community Development and User Involvement

    028 3756 4469

    079 2087 5649