Meet some of our children waiting on a short break

The Short Breaks service urgently require carers to provide a  short break for  a number of children.

Meet Michael 

Michael is described by family and friends as a loveable young person who is  passionate about horses and dogs. Michael is 15 years old and has a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay and ADHD. Michael requires an overnight short break once a fortnight. A short break in a family setting would provide Michael with the chance to build greater social skills and independence. Michael would love the  opportunity to make some new friends, he has a great interest in motorbikes and cars; Michael also loves outdoor activities, carpentry and horticulture.

Michael has a close bond with his mum and dad but sometimes he can have disagreements with his older brothers and this can cause some tension in the household which mum and dad try to manage but it can be tough with younger siblings around too. One of Michael’s siblings has additional needs, making it harder for mum and dad to try and meet everyone’s needs.

Michael requires some encouragement with his self-care needs; sometimes his sleep can be disrupted, meaning Michael can wake 2-3 times in the night and he can be an early riser. Michael is vulnerable in that he can  struggle to recognise dangers and therefore supervision is really important.

As Michael and his family have limited support a short break would help alleviate some of the caring responsibilities on Michael’s mum and dad. It will offer them the chance to get a good nights sleep and provide some extra attention to Michael’s  other siblings.


Meet Melissa 

Melissa is 12 years old and lives with her parents and her brother and sister.  Melissa’s family home can be a busy and noisy environment and she would benefit from daytime short breaks.

Melissa has a diagnosis of Autism. Melissa can initially present as shy until she gets to know you. Melissa struggles with interacting with others especially in a larger group. However she is an empathetic young girl and will consider things from other people’s point of view.

Melissa can have high levels of energy at times however she is more relaxed  whenever she is at home. She can repeat certain behaviours until she gets the  outcome she  prefers. Melissa can talk with a funny accent when she is in a silly mood. Melissa recently started secondary school, but isn’t keen on doing homework.

Melissa benefits from having a clear routine and structure. Melissa needs ongoing  supervision and direction while in the community and crossing roads. Melissa needs a high level of support to maintain her personal hygiene and carry out daily tasks.

Melissa loves animals and enjoys spending time with her dog. Melissa loves playing with Lego and playing on the Xbox. Melissa likes to collect football  stickers, watch women’s football on TV and kicking a ball about. Melissa is very fond of food and often seeks sensory input from this; she sleeps well at night.

Melissa enjoys the company of others and would benefit from patient carers who can spend time with her, promote her hobbies and interests and provide new social opportunities and firm boundaries.


Meet Emily 

Emily is 7 years old and lives with a diagnosis of Autism and an intellectual disability. Emily needs someone who can provide her with a short break of 2 overnight stays per week during term time, and 2-3 overnights during school holidays.

Emily loves looking at books, listening to  music, playing  in ball pools, outdoor  play and has a swing at her family home which she enjoys very  much! At  school, Emily loves music therapy and also sensory therapy which helps support sensory and communication needs as Emily is non-verbal.

Emily is a very energetic little girl with specific  behaviours  and  needs, a  significant part of her daily routine involves sensory input to help  manage  these.  Emily’s care needs and behaviour can be challenging to manage, and she does not have  any  awareness of danger which means she requires a high  level  of  supervision.  Emily’s ideal carer is someone who is highly motivated, patient, enjoys sensory play, and can provide Emily with a warm and loving environment where she can continue to thrive.

In return, remuneration will be provided for the role, in addition to a dedicated link worker, support through the Carers Support Group and ongoing specific training to ensure Emily’s carer(s) are able to understand and fully support all of her needs.