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1,554 MRI scans completed at Daisy Hill Hospital

13th November 2023

An impressive 1,554 scans have been undertaken through the new MRI scanner at Daisy Hill Hospital since it was installed in July.

The temporary scanner which is located next to the modular CT on site, is helping to address MRI waiting times and reducing the need to transfer patients to other hospitals.

Daisy Hill Hospital offers diagnostic services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the team completing 82,466 investigations last year.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner) is used for the investigation of the entire body. With high quality images, it can detect the smallest abnormalities. It is especially useful in imaging the brain, spinal cord and cancers compared with other techniques like CT (Computed Tomography) or X-Ray and does not use ionizing radiation. It is increasingly used in diagnosis, characterisation, staging and assessment of treatment for cancer services and other specialties.

Previously all patients requiring MRI investigations from across the Trust had to travel to Craigavon, where there are two scanners.  Now most patients referred for MRI from the Newry, Mourne and South Armagh area can have their scan at Daisy Hill, however they can also still travel to Craigavon if there is an earlier available appointment. Children and adult inpatients with more complex needs continue to be transferred to Craigavon Hospital where there is more space and can accommodate oxygen or other medical equipment.

Marking World Radiography Day last week, Cathrine Reid, Director of Surgery and Clinical Services congratulated the team:

“With growing demand for both inpatient and outpatient investigations, the addition of a MRI scanner at Daisy Hill has been a welcome addition to diagnostic services Trust-wide.

“Introduced as part of our stability plans to support inpatient medical services at Daisy Hill, the lease of the temporary MRI is bringing great benefits for patients, staff and colleagues in the ambulance service. It is helping us to address waiting times across the Southern area, reducing the need to transfer inpatients where possible and freeing up much needed ambulance resources.

“Huge thanks to our diagnostic team and support services who have been working tirelessly to keep the scanner running so efficiently. Apart from two days for essential, routine maintenance and one day due to the heavy rain in Newry at the start of the month, the team have kept the MRI operating at full capacity to ensure that as many patients as possible can have their scan locally.

“Our longer term plan is to secure funding for a new diagnostic suite for the hospital. We have already started meetings with the team to develop a business case for this exciting project which proposes a permanent MRI scanner for the hospital.”

MRI Examinations at DHH since 26th July 2023 to 19th October 2023


Month Total number of examinations performed
July 42
August 518
September 513
October 481
Total 1,554


MRI Examinations at CAH since 26th July to 19th July 2023


Note CAH has two MRI scanners:


Month Total number of examinations performed
July 253
August 1248
September 1096
October 1250
Total 3,847


Examinations performed in CAH, with referral source from DHH.

Waiting lists are Trustwide, with patients offered the next available slot at either site.


Month Total number of examinations performed
July 50
August 251
September 222
October 183
Total 706