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Let’s talk Coeliac Disease

28th September 2023



The Southern Health and Social Care Trust recently held an information day for children and their families living with Coeliac Disease in the Southern Trust area.

The event took place in Brownlow Hub, Craigavon and was hosted by Paediatric Dietitian, Edel Magee and Paediatric Consultant, Dr Sarinda Millar.


The attendees were treated to delicious gluten free scones and baked goods supplied by local gluten free bakers.

The children and their families had the opportunity to visit stands of local gluten free supplies and taste their products.

The children were given food products that are available on prescription, to take home to try which included pasta, cereal and bread along with lots of delicious samples.

There was a live kitchen run by Una Hughes, where the children took part in making gluten free soda bread and wheaten bread.

Families had the opportunity to hear to from one of  The Southern Trust paediatric consultants, Dr Leemon and Diabetes specialist nurse, Amy Watson, who live with coeliac disease.

Paediatric dietitian, Helen Gibson led the final workshop. She spoke about Eating Well & Shopping Smart on a Gluten Free Diet.


Dr Sarinda Millar said, “Coeliac disease is a serious, long term autoimmune condition. When a person eats gluten, the body reacts and essentially attacks itself. Symptoms are wide and varied.

The implementation of a gluten free diet is the mainstay treatment for this medical condition.

This can be challenging to stick to as gluten free products are not widely available, they taste different and they can be costly.

There is also the challenge for young people feeling different from their peers.

It is so important that someone with this condition adheres to the gluten free diet to prevent recognised complications, which are significant.”

Paediatric Dietitian, Edel Magee added

“We at the Southern trust recognise the challenges of managing this condition and wanted to host an event for our families which would be both enjoyable and informative.”