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Winter and Surge Delivery Plan

22nd October 2021

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust Service Delivery Plan October 2021- March 2022 outlines our planned response to additional service pressures arising during Winter 2021/2022 and includes resilience plans for further Covid 19 surge.

Regional modelling has predicted a further ‘surge’ (4th wave) of Covid19 anticipated to coincide with the colder weather and outbreaks of other seasonal respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza that impacts on both adult and childrens health services during the winter period.

The Southern Trust prepares an annual seasonal resilience plan in preparation for winter however this year; in the context of the ongoing pandemic response, it is important that comprehensive surge plans at local and regional level are established to ensure critical care, hospital beds, community services and care homes are in place to increase our service resilience during this difficult period.

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