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Chaplaincy Services

“At its best, our National Health Service is there when we need it, at the most profound moments in our lives. At the birth of our children. At the deaths of our loved ones. And at every stage in between – as we grapple with hope, fear, loneliness, compassion – some of the most fundamental elements of the human spirit.” Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England’.”

Chaplains provide pastoral and spiritual care to patients, family and staff, whether they have religious beliefs or not. Such care addresses the expressed spiritual, pastoral and religious needs of patients, staff and service users. These needs are likely to include one or more of the following:

  • ways to support recovery
  • issues concerning mortality
  • religious convictions, rituals and practices
  • non-religious convictions and practices
  • relationships of significance
  • a sense of the sacred
  • exploration of beliefs

There is a growing body of evidence that appropriate spiritual care has an immediate and enduring benefit for those utilising chaplaincy in a healthcare setting.

In Southern Trust hospitals, chaplains visit wards on a regular basis and can always be contacted through Switchboard. They also provide 24/7 urgent on-call cover. The main body for healthcare chaplains in Northern Ireland is the Northern Ireland Healthcare Chaplains’ Association ( which assists in providing trained and professional chaplains for our healthcare settings.

Online Resources

Appropriate religious services and reflections, including Mass for the Sick, are available for patients and staff via a dedicated YouTube page here: Southern Trust Chaplains – YouTube

The NIHCA has set up a designated website offering resources and links that may be helpful or on Facebook at: NI-Chaplains-for-patients-staff-and-families)

Prayers and Reflections for Patients, Staff and Families

You can view and download Christian-based prayers and reflections here:

Spiritual Services

Our Spiritual Services service includes bookings to view religious services for those who require assistance. This can be specific for local church services that the patient wants connected to or the patient may wish to access the Southern Trust Chaplains Youtube channel that has some services on it. The Trust’s Virtual Visiting Officers / Chaplains will set up for reach patient.

Virtual Visiting Service | Southern Health & Social Care Trust (


Craigavon Chaplaincy Team

Top Row (L to R): Rev. Ken Robinson, Rev. Ivan Thompson, Deaconess Joanne Dunlop, Rev. Geoffrey Walmsley

Bottom Row (L to R): Rev. Gerry Heaney, Fr. Damien Quigley, Rev. Derek Dunn.


Daisy Hill Chaplaincy Team

Top Row (L to R): Rev. Keith McIntyre, Fr. Damien Quigley, Sr. Marie Slacke

Bottom Row (L to R): Fr. Liam McKinney, Rev. Matthew Hagan


Lurgan Chaplaincy Team

Top Row (L to R): Rev. Jim Fleming, Rev. Harold Agnew, Rev. Nigel McCullough
Bottom Row (L to R): Rev. Gerry Heaney, Fr. Damien Quigley

Locations where this service is delivered

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