Diabetes is a lifelong condition which can cause foot problems.

Some of these problems can occur because the nerves and blood vessels supplying the feet become damaged.

This can affect:

  • The feeling in your feet (Peripheral Neuropathy)
  • The circulation in your feet (ischaemia)

These changes can be very gradual and you may not notice them. This is why it is essential that all new patients diagnosed with diabetes will attend a podiatrist to have their feet assessed.

At your initial appointment your circulation and sensation will be assessed and relevant health education will be provided (verbal and written.) A risk category will be allocated depending on results. (Low, Moderate or High Risk)

Your risk category and podiatric need will determine your agreed self-management and treatment plan.

It is important to attend all appointments with your podiatrist as this will reduce the risk of developing problems

This page is currently being updated. If there are any queries, please ring the Diabetes Telephone Hub: 028 3756 1010.


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