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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

We offer specialist mental health services to children and young people (up to age 18 years) and their families who live in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust. We recognise that growing up can be stressful and worrisome at times.  Feeling sad, lonely, worried, angry, frightened or feeling that nobody understands you, are common feelings. We also know children, young people and families can become unwell at times.

CAMHS is made up of a number of services who provide a range of supports.  Please see below for more information on the services available within CAMHS.

Assessment Crisis Team
Community Intensive Intervention Service
Step 3 CAMHS
Step 2 CAMHS
CAMHS Eating Disorder Service
CAMHS Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists in CAMHS work directly with young people and their families to help them overcome challenges with activities of daily living which are having an impact on mental health. Difficulty processing sensory stimulation and/or managing daily tasks can often affect self-esteem and confidence.

Occupational Therapists are skilled in helping young people understand why they are having difficulty and helping them to find ways to manage.

CAMHS Occupational Therapy Service currently accepts referrals from colleagues within Step 3 CAMHS only.

Please see leaflet for further information.

CAMHS Youth Justice Agency Service

There is substantial research available which indicates a high prevalence of emotional and mental health difficulties within the youth justice population. The research also highlights that despite this high level of need; these young people face significant barriers to access mental health services.

CAMHS and the Youth Justice Agency (YJA) are working in partnership to assess and offer intervention in respect to the mental health needs of children and adolescents (under 18) that are potentially at risk of being involved with YJA and CAMHS.  As part of a pilot a dedicated Step 3 CAMHS Senior Mental Health Practitioner is co-located between community CAMHS clinics in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and the YJA Bainbridge.  The service delivery includes:

  • Mental health screening for all young people referred to the Youth Justice Agency.
  • Direct referral pathway from YJA into CAMHS.
  • CAMHS consultation and training to YJA staff in relation to mental health.
  • CAMHS attendance at YJA team meetings.
  • A service delivery which promotes community outreach as a means of engaging a population who are often considered ‘hard to reach’. The practitioner can establish or maintain relationships with young people while they are in custody.
  • CAMHS Youth Justice Practitioner offers CAMHS assessment to young people within 10 days of leaving Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre if open to In Reach CAMHS.
  • Maintain and promote effective working partnerships with all inter and intra agency key stakeholders who have responsibility for the mental health needs of children and young people known to both services.
iCAMHS – Infant Mental Health
ID CAMHS – Intellectual Disability
Family Therapy
Substance Use Service
Autism Services
Rise NI (Regional Integrated Support for Education in Northern Ireland)
CAMHS Resources
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